Lots of Projects!

I have quite a few projects in the works right now! I my opinion, knitters can always use more than one project to work on. It prevents boredom!

This is the first February Girlie Sweater completely finished, buttons and all.

The Original February Girlie Sweater

I have since started and finished a white February Girlie Sweater for L. It just needs buttons! I will cast on Z’s tonight!

L's February Girlie Sweater

Also, I have started the Ishbel scarf. I love this lacey little scarf. I am using Madelinetosh sock in Pink Lemonade. Love it!

Pink Lemonade Ishbel

Next is the Clapotis. I am working on this in a bamboo yarn. This scarf has such a lovely drape to it.

My Clapotis

My last little project is a skinny scarf to wear this summer. It is a 4×4 rib using my new favorite Arucania. It is made of 100% sugar cane!

Sugar Cane Scarf

With this many projects, and another one on the horizon, I need to get knitting!

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February Girlie Sweater Finished!

I finished this sweater about a week ago and have since started one in white for L, my younger daughter. I am thrilled with the way this came out! Perfect for a little summer cardigan with a dress or tank top. I will have to attempt one this winter with long sleeves, at least with 1/2 sleeves to be worn with long sleeves underneath.

Z modeling her cousin's February Girlie Sweater(I still need to weave in the ends and pick out the buttons.)

Sleeve detail sets this apart from any other 'February' sweater.Sleeves turned out perfectly. For those familiar with the ‘February’ sweaters, the body increasing was done underneath the garter stitch bust/sleeves, setting it apart from the February Lady Sweater and the February Baby Sweater. Also, the lace pattern begins at the underarm.

I am excited to give this sweater to my niece and I can’t wait to keep working on the one I am doing in white. I hope to write a pattern or set of directions for this sweater in girl sizes. 🙂

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Ambrosia Envy

The sweater is coming right along!

Z tried on the sweater for me last night. This allowed me to measure and see how farther I need to go. I am about half way done with the lace on the body. Z loves it and would like to keep it. Z and L will have one soon! 🙂

Z was very happy to model this sweater! I have been informed that she would also like a pink one!

FGS on the needlesI may have to write a pattern after all of this work!

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Ambrosia Lace

This little sweater is moving right along! I reached the number of stitches that my KPS pattern recommended and I knit one more row as the sweater seemed a bit small. Then, I put the sleeve stitches on scrap yarn and joined the body together. I looked at the February Lady Sweater to see what percentage of stitches were increased for the swing effect. I determined that I needed to increase the fronts and back by 20%. I also had to keep in mind that I need a multiple of 7 stitches for the lace pattern. I did this easy enough and I was then on my way to knitting the lace! The gull lace pattern is easy to memorize, which makes for a great portable knitting project! I’m thinking this will be a great project to work on during Z’s swimming lessons this month!

Gull Lace pattern:

Row 1: k1 k2tog yo k1 yo ssk k1

Row 2: purl

Row 3: k2tog yo k3 yo ssk

Row 4: purl

P.S. I will add pics of the progress made tomorrow.

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I hit my first speedbump with my project.

As I was knitting along, I thought the neck was looking a bit small. Being a cardigan, it is easy to try the sweater on a little one as I go. I have two willing models! Z is a similar size to her little cousin who will be receiving this sweater. So, I laid the sweater on her shoulders to see how it looked (To be fair, L tried it on too.). The front of the neck was too high. It looked like it would choke the wearer.

All of this to say, I tore it all out and started over. I decided to start with a few more stitches. Sixteen more to be exact. This will make the neck area of the sweater a little more open and less ‘chokey’ as Z calls it.

I cast on and knit several rows. I am ready to begin knitting in the exact place I was yesterday when I took the picture. Pressing on!

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The Beginning

Last night was a late night! I didn’t end up going to bed until 1:35 a.m. It may be a long day for this stay at home mom! It was worth the late hour, as I have a start on the little sweater!

This is the process I went through to determine the number of stitches I needed at the neck edge:

I studied the February Lady Sweater, my Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, and the February Baby Sweater. The FLS has raglan sleeves with the increases along the sleeve, which is what I wanted to achieve. The KPS has all the math done for me, so this is my guide to the increasing. Looking at the KPS (size 2-4), I found the number of stitches in the body at the widest point of the sleeve/body increasing (just before the sleeves stitches are put on scrap yarn). I divided that number by 4. This way I will have the number of stitches for one front panel. Working backward, I then subtracted the number of stitches that would be increased along the sleeve edge. This left me with the number of stitches I need to cast on for the front panel. I was ready to cast on! So, I cast on the number for the front plus 4 for the button placket, placed a marker. I followed the numbers on the KPS for the rest and then for the other front side, used the number I determined and an additional 4 for the button placket.

I knit three rows in garter stitch. On the fourth row I place markers for the raglan increases. Continuing in garter stitch, row five was the first row for increasing on either side of each marker with kfb. I placed simple yo, k2tog button holes at the beginning and end of row 7. I will continue to increase on the right side. Also, I will place button holes every 8 or so ridges until I reach the point at which I can put the sleeves on hold.

Now, if all of this math has bored you, here is the beautiful result:

Now for more knitting, and maybe a nap! The journey continues…

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Reinventing the Wheel/February Sweater

I have always loved EZ’s February Baby Sweater. Having two girls of my own and six nieces I have had lots of time to knit these. However, I have always wanted a child/girls version. When the February Lady Sweater appeared on the scene I was over joyed!  I have often thought about trying to make a sweater that resembled these two lovely sweaters, but in a child’s size.

Over the next month I am going to create a sweater for a child that will resemble these two February sweaters. I am reinventing the wheel in a sense as I have not found that a guide, tutorial, or pattern that will assist me. (I must say that some people have made child sized sweaters by making the FLS and simply using a smaller gauge.) My tools will include 3 balls of Berroco Weekend in Ambrosia, a pair of size 8 US needles, a pencil, large pad of sticky notes, a calculator, and a pattern by Knitting Pure a Simple as a size reference (child’s neck down cardigan #981).

I will record my progress, or lack there of on my blog for all to see; if anyone does indeed see this. My deadline is June 2nd, my niece, Aubrey’s 4th birthday.

So, here begins the adventure!

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